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Introducing the "Ref Fire Charizard Edition" Gameboy shell, a nostalgic tribute to the fiery Pokémon that holds a special place in our childhood memories. Dressed in a vibrant red hue, this high-quality plastic shell pays homage to the iconic Charizard, capturing the essence of its fierce and captivating presence.


Crafted with meticulous UV impressions, the "Ref Fire Charizard Edition" brings the beloved Pokémon to life with intricate details and a striking color palette. Designed to accommodate Original size or IPS drop-in kits, our Gameboy shells ensure a seamless and nostalgic gaming experience, allowing you to relive the excitement of your childhood Pokémon adventures.


With your purchase of the "Ref Fire Charizard Edition" Gameboy shell, you'll receive a comprehensive package to reignite your gaming passion. This package includes:


  • UV Printed Shells: Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Pokémon with meticulously designed plastic shells featuring the dynamic and powerful Charizard.

  • Screws: All the necessary screws for a secure and hassle-free assembly of your custom shell.

  • Back Sticker: Enhance the authenticity of your Gameboy with a specially designed back sticker, ensuring your device captures the spirit of the classic Pokémon era.

  • Cardboard Inlays: These printed cardboard pieces will provide the main design with an essential part for the total set.

  • Inside Vinyls: Add a touch of nostalgia to your gaming experience with customized vinyls for the underside of the buttons, completing the captivating aesthetic of your device.


Please note that our products are shells only and do not include any electronic systems, screens, LEDs, buttons, or boxes. Additionally, due to design updates, there might be some slight modifications in the main designs and back stickers.

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